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Interview with Hoarding Specialists of Kalamazoo

  1. What is one important/interesting thing you learned
    from the classes?

  2. mike_n
    “Hoarding is recognized by the ADAA as mental

    “The most important thing we took away from the classes
    was learning how hoarders think and what it takes to
    convince them to listen and trust you, so that you can work
    with them to help them.”-Thad

  3. Will the trained technicians train our crew?

  4. mike_n
    “We will be teaching our other team members the
    principles and practices we learned. They will be valuable
    for all of our projects, not just hoarding

    “We will be teaching everyone on our crew how to work
    with hoarders and help them to remove clutter and clean
    their homes.”-Thad

  5. How do you feel your new knowledge and skills will
    benefit our community?

  6. mike_n
    “We will be able to offer a compassionate and
    professional service to challenging hoarding situations. We
    will be a resource for family members and community
    organizations dealing with hoarding.”-Mike

    “Helping others to understand hoarding can be a big
    help to other organizations and family members when dealing
    with a hoarder. If those that interact with hoarders had a
    better understanding, it would make those interactions go a
    lot better.”-Thad

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