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Education about Hoarding

The KHTF wants our community to be educated about hoarding. The need for
helping hoarders is on the rise, and the disorder is being talked about,
studied, and relatively understood. The KHTF believes our group will continue
to grow while searching for more people to become involved in finding
solutions. For now, the KHTF gathers monthly to share ideas, share stories, and
possible solutions
. Please visit their website for more

Who is Involved in the KHTF?

A growing group of 15 community professionals, gathering each month, to
discuss and address hoarding issues in Kalamazoo County. The group currently
consists of professionals from organizations or businesses that believe they
are a part of the hoarding solution. The group currently consists of city
officials, health care representatives, specialty organizers, housing resource
representatives, 211 representatives, and ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo
, your
local cleaning company.

How Does the Kalamazoo Hoarding Task Force (KHTF) Help our Community?

Currently, the KHTF has a phone number and website for hoarders and hoarders’ loved
ones seeking information. The number is: 211 (called locally in Kalamazoo) and
the website is: Their website has a
document available for download that contains contact information to local
organizations and businesses that can help someone navigate through the
hoarding cleanup process.

How Can I Support the KHTF?

Anything you can do to support the KHTF is appreciated. Supporting means
talking about hoarding to your neighbor or friend about this article. Or maybe
your organization or business could offer benefit to the group, or maybe you
simply have a good idea you’d like to share with us. Keep talking about
hoarding, and the more solutions we will find

Do you have any questions and comments? Simply email or
leave a comment at the bottom of the page

When it comes to hoarding,


How is ServiceMaster involved in KHTF?

Three representatives attend monthly meetings to give and gain knowledge
about hoarding. We believe we are a part of the hoarding solution, especially
the cleanup process. Our hoarding technicians were trained by hoarding
specialist, Matt Paxton, and have continued educating themselves on issues
regarding hoarding. We also understand it may take more than a cleaning company
to help in a hoarding situation.

ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo is sponsoring the Matt Paxton events coming up in
October. Matt Paxton is the hoarding expert and host of “Hoarders: Family
Secrets”. We believe education on hoarding is critical for prevention. Matt
Paxton will be speaking at GKAR (Greater Association of Realtors) to educate
and teach those who want to know more about hoarding. For anyone wanting to
attend these free seminars, please sign up for our blog below
and follow future events, since the 2015 events have already passed.

Cleaning Up a Hoarded Space

There are many aspects to hoarding varying in complexity. The KHTF believes
full intervention is necessary for a hoarder. The cleanup is an emotional and
crucial time for the hoarder, and the cleanup can be either freeing or
crippling. If the cleanup is done improperly, without care, or possibly without
consent, the hoarder feels invaded and empty, adding even more emotional stress
to their lives. We want our community to understand hoarding as a disorder, not
a problem. A hoarder, typically, needs therapy before the cleanup and after the cleanup.
Unfortunately, the KHTF has no funds available at this time to provide direct
hoarder cleanup services.
For more information and to keep updated on future events please visit

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