VCT Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

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What is VCT?

VCT – Vinyl Composite Tile.

VCT flooring is very durable and commonly used in businesses. These floors
last for numerous years if properly maintained. The importance of having your
VCT properly maintained will increase the appearance and longevity of the

Reasons to get VCT flooring professionally cleaned

  1. Flooring is expensive and having it cleaned regularly helps protect
    your investment.
  2. When your floor is professionally cleaned, it’s easier to maintain with
    daily cleaning, such as sweeping or mopping.
  3. Clean floors delight customers, employees, and clients!
  4. A fresh look and cleanliness is always a plus in any business.

Following VCT installation

It’s important to note, VCT comes with a protective layer that is only for
shipping and installation purposes. The initial, protective layer of
VCT does not protect the floor once it is installed.
Wait five days
for the tiles to settle and the glue to properly cure. After five days, you
should have a professional clean the VCT flooring to remove the factory’s
protective layer, and apply an appropriate amount of protective finish on the
floor. *It is important to have protective finish before contents are moved
back into the area.

VCT floor cleaning and maintenance

  • When cleaning the floors yourself, use a neutral cleaner (PH of 7)
    for daily maintenance. However, it is still recommended to use a
    professional cleaner 1-2 times/year.

  • Dust breaks down the finish, so it is best to sweep
    and mop the floor every night (depending on traffic) to ensure your VCT
    stays in the best condition.

  • Remember, having a professional floor cleaner is very different than
    renting equipment for a do-it-yourself project. ServiceMaster uses
    precise processes involving the right floor cleaners, the right
    equipment, and trained technicians.

How much does VCT cleaning typically cost?

It varies depending on the size of the facility, its condition, maintenance
programs that have been used, and other factors.

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