While the majority of what SMKazoo cleans, restores, and recovers is on the inside (whether that be walls with mold clinging to them, smokey ceiling tiles, janitorial cleaning, or pumping water out of a basement), this was a job we tackled in the great outdoors! This unfortunate customer had a fire in which the quick-responding fire department showed up and helped save the day. Unfortunately, in their quick thinking, the only place to dump the burning insulation was right in the yard! Insulation is nasty stuff… burnt insulation is a whole new ball game! This first picture is of the pile of insulation after it had been extinguished in the yard. Not an easy clean-up!

Burnt Insulation in Yard

smkazoo yard with insulation

Yard After SMKazoo Cleaned It

smkazoo yard with insulation after

The next time you think to yourself, “I wonder if SMKazoo cleans that?” just give us a call and ask. Chances are we do!

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