The Bundle Up Kalamazoo Drive was a Success

Being one of drop-off locations for this Bundle Up Kalamazoo Drive, we were so excited to see all the donations. Kalamazoo Rotaract collected around two thousand hats, mittens, and coats during the month of November at various drop-off locations around Kalamazoo.

Where are the Donations Going?

All donations will be integrated within the community. The Gospel Mission, schools, churches, and many other organizations around Kalamazoo now have winter outerwear to provide within their organization to people in need.

Giving back to the Community

A sincere thank you goes out to everyone that donated; and if you didn’t get a change, there’s always next year. Keep us in mind.

two men and a truck boxes of winter donations
boxes on the floor at servicemaster of kalamazoo
picture of a small coat during donations
bundle up kalamazoo fyler 2016

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