The Kalamazoo Hoarding Task Force (KHTF) gathered together to answer questions directly from the community. At this event, KHTF representatives and Matt Paxton,extreme cleaning specialist from the TV show “Hoarders”, sat on stage as a panel and answered some of these complicated hoarding questions.

The KHTF and Matt Paxton answer community questions about hoarding.

Video Questions Transcript

  1. How do you approach someone that is older in a long-term home vs. a young person?
  2. The hoarder I know is asking for help. The church doesn’t seem to want to help or have tried and been unable. How do I help her or point her to help?
  3. What’s the success rate of hoarders with one year of therapy and continuing therapy?
  4. What therapy/medications are being researched for treatment?
  5. I work in HUD elderly housing. It’s very difficult to know how to help make that change for someone to avoid eviction, and who would I contact as it relates to lease evictions, etc.
  6. What specific trauma ends in successful, permanent clean-out?
  7. What’s the role of law enforcement?
  8. What role do you see social workers in the hoarding task force?
  9. There is a community fear or stigma that “they’re” going to come and take my mom’s home, come kick her out, and then the city will own the property. Will you touch on that?
  10. What won’t ServiceMaster clean up? Or what will you clean up?
  11. I am a family member. I have sought counseling; it’s still so hard to cope. My siblings and I each have different emotions: anger, hurt, sadness. What do you recommend?
  12. One of the things we haven’t talked about a lot today is the cost of cleaning these issues.

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