Available for Business/Commercial Cleaning:

  1. one time cleanings
  2. scheduled maintenance cleanings
  3. janitorial services for local businesses

We are diverse in our cleaning solutions, and we are able to create different processes, which allows comparison of our different methods and prices. You are able to choose the best solution for your business.

Protect Your Investment

We understand how much money, time, and care it takes to run a business effectively, and we also believe a clean environment is a key component of a thriving business. We know life is busy, and we know cleaning (especially flooring) can go unnoticed. So please, we encourage you to call us before you mix a bunch of cleaners together to get a stain out of your carpet and/or floor. We don’t want anything to get unnecessarily ruined. ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo has been cleaning and restoring businesses since the 1950’s, and our products, services, and results have continued to amaze customers.

Call us or fill out a quote for a free estimate.

We clean small to very large businesses on a daily basis and have over 60+ years of experience (that’s well over 1,000,000 square feet of experience), and we continue to make new and old facilities sparkle and shine around town.



“Everyone was very professional and put a lot of attention to detail and my complete satisfaction.”
Centra Care


“The job was well done and the people doing the work take the time to answer your questions and explain what they are doing.”
Bethel Baptist Church


“Always professional and do a great job. Carpets and area rugs always look great after being cleaned.”
Tri-County Head Start


“I like that you offer a lot of different services and respond quickly to customer requests and concerns.”
First National Bank Of Michigan


“Great customer service. Matt was awesome.”
Senior Services

Partnership and Responsibility

ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo has been established in Kalamazoo since the 1950’s, and we believe we have the cleaning experience and knowledge you need. You can trust that we will clean your establishment effectively, safely, and throughly.

We seek locally owned companies to partner with and serve. We love being a part of this community and we love giving personalized service to other companies in our area. Being a part of a national brand gives you the comfort of knowing we have the best research and up-to-date cleaning information, products, and training.

When we contract with you, we analyze your unique cleaning needs and get to work. We monitor the overall conditions of the buildings after we clean, so If you’re not happy or have any problems, we will still be here to help and serve you.

Great Benefits

  • Your satisfaction is our commitment.
  • We can keep your keys in a secure file to use when we clean your business.
  • Security Alarm? No worries, we can let ourselves in and out and always make sure your business is safe and secure.
  • Our products and solutions are tested and safe.
  • All employees pass drug tests, receive background checks, and are insured.

We don’t take cleaning lightly, instead, we heavily immerse ourselves in projects of all kinds, big and small. Whether you need help cleaning your entire building, or if you just need an exceptional floor cleaning, you can trust us to get the job done right! We provide exceptional customer service to our clients. We hope to hear from you soon; fill out a free quote or call for a free estimate.

VCT Floor Cleaning

vct floor cleaning before and after

Photo by Ron – business development

linoleum business cleaning before and after

Photo by Erin – commercial technician

before and after comparison of cleaned kitchen floor

Photo by Matt – commercial manager

Carpet Floor Cleaning

restaurant carpet cleaning before and after

Photo by Erin – commercial technician

restaurant carpet before and after picture

Photo by Matt D – commercial technician