Do the floors in your business welcome people in?

Is the answer to that question, “I don’t know?” or maybe, “no, my floors don’t necessarily welcome people in.” Let’s quit questioning it; your floors are probably ready to be cleaned, and we’re here to help. Here’s the thing; we get it. Floors get dirty and they’re frustrating to keep up with. With the four seasons, finding time to clean up after mother nature can get rough. Life is busy, and sometimes you can’t clean like you want.

Think about this

When employees, clients, or patients walk through your doors, the first thing they see is the floor. Instantly, a clean floor makes the room bright and inviting, and a dirty floor creates an appearance of a dull environment. A well-maintained floor improves the overall impression and safety of your facility, whereas a dirty floor can be a safety hazard because dirt and oils turn hard surface flooring into a slippery surface that’s hard for you to clean.

First impressions are extremely important, and we want make your facility look its absolute best.

Improve your image and safety within your business today. Hire professional technicians and transform your facility. Thrive in a clean environment so you can get down to business. Click to fill out free quote



“A no hassle cleaning. Very professional job from beginning to end.”


“First and Foremost, for ServiceMaster, I always felt that the goal wasn’t “getting the job done”, it was “getting the job done RIGHT”. Sometimes, this is called “going the extra mile”, “pride in your craft” or “integrity”. However this concept is framed, ServiceMaster and its representatives embodied it.”
Portage Public Library


“Fast service. Wonderful people working for the company and very good at making the floor look great.”
Heritage Christian Academy


“Friendly people, great results, and worked with our schedule.”
City Of Parchment

We clean all kinds of hard surface floors including:

  • Vinyl
  • VCT
  • Linoleum
  • Tile
  • Hardwood
  • Ceramic
  • Quarry
  • Terrazzo
  • Natural Stone
If you don’t see your hard surface flooring, it’s okay. We can probably clean it anyway. Feel free to fill out a form and get a free quote.

Vinyl Flooring

before and after of a vinyl wood looking flooring

Photo by Erin – commercial technician

We’re the Solution to your Dirty Floor

ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo is an accredited and trusted company, serving Kalamazoo for 60+ years. Our employees are honest, trustworthy, and loyal in character whether they’re at work or not. Leave the worry to us, and leave your worry behind. Let us clean this time. The hard work will pay off and your floors will look like new in no time.


You rely on us to make your facility look its best (and it’s usually while no one is there) so how do you know you can trust us? Believe in us; you will gain trust after your first cleaning. We clean healthcare facilities, banks, credit unions, restaurants, law firms, churches, etc. We have strict policies in place that ensure your business is safe in our hands.

Our professional floor care experts:

  • Brighten appearance and maintain your professional image
  • Reduce wear on flooring surfaces, especially in high traffic areas
  • Extend life of your flooring investment
  • Decrease slipperiness of hard surface floors, therefore increasing the safety of your facility
  • Delight clients, employees, and customers by providing a clean environment.

VCT Floor Cleaning

vct floor cleaning before and after

Photo by Ron – business development

vct flooring before and after cleaning

Photo by Erin – commercial technician

linoleum business cleaning before and after

Photo by Erin – commercial technician

before and after comparison of cleaned kitchen floor

Photo by Matt – commercial manager

before and after VCT floor cleaning comes very clean

Photo by Erin – commercial technician