A Hoarding Clean Up is more about Compassion than Cleaning

ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo sent a team down to our home office in December 2014 to train with extreme cleaning specialist, Matt Paxton, from TV series “Hoarders”. After the eye-opening training classes with Paxton, our team is now certified and trained for ‘hoarding and estate cleanups’, with knowledge and skills backed by the most experienced hoarding expert in America. Our crews are accustomed to cleaning up big messes of all kinds. But as of lately, our expertise about hoarding, and how to help a hoarder, reached a new level of understanding.
Maybe you are ready to overcome hoarding? Or maybe you’re thinking, “Someone in my family is a hoarder. What should I do?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo wants to help you gain control of your space and life again. Write to Us. It’s Always a Free Consultation.

Restoring Homes, Restoring Lives

Matt Paxton partnered with ServiceMaster to educate and train technicians across the country. With only 3-4 guys on his previous crew, he wanted to expand be able to help as many people as possible. Matt Paxton needed to find the right people. With our shared vision and passion for helping others, he knew ServiceMaster teams would absorb his vision and excel.  
There are an estimated 15 million people in America suffering from this disorder and many of them want to seek professional help. Paxton has already trained 50 ServiceMaster franchises and has visited many cities informing the public and whole ServiceMaster staff about hoarding.To see what Matt Paxton did while he was in Kalamazoo visit our blog.  

Still a little unsure where to begin?

Go back to the form and let us know your situation. We encourage you to write to us, but if you don’t know what to say or feel uncomfortable, simply copy and paste this general inquiry into the form:

“Hi ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo, I am on your website, and I see you offer wonderful services for hoarders. I’m not sure if I’m ready to make any steps right away, but I do want to reach out to you, and I might like to know more information on how you can help me. Let’s keep in touch. Thanks, and have a great day!

Identifying and Treating Hoarding Disorder

Watch our condensed seminar with Laura Lokers, LMSW. She has successfully treated patients with hoarding disorder.

Part 2 – Treating Hoarding Disorder

Part 3 – Challenges of Treating Hoarding Disorder

When it Comes to Cleaning a Hoarded House, a Professional Cleaning Solution is Needed

Helping clean out a hoarded house can be overwhelming and we recommend professional help. Hoarding can be a sensitive topic and serious situation to work through, but we’re up for it. Our team is trained by the number one hoarding expert in America, Matt Paxton from TV series, “Hoarders.” We use insight and techniques shared by Paxton to help a hoarder gain back their space and, in turn, their lives.

We have consistent steps from start to finish

  • Understanding, Listening, Connecting
  • Creating a Plan, Cleaning, Sorting
  • Family, Aftercare, Follow-Up

We know communication is critical

  • We show respect and compassion.
  • We take time to build trust.
  • We ask permission before doing anything.
  • We listen to the hoarder’s needs.
  • We treat the person as if he or she were a member of the family.

We work together for success

Our team takes pride in serving others and demonstrating true compassion in difficult situations. We are dedicated to making a difference in peoples’ lives and helping them get their home back. We realize people battling with a hoarding disorder may feel lost, judged, or afraid. In some cases, they may not even be aware there is a problem. Here at ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo, our professionals compassionately interact with hoarders without judgement, with a goal set to earn their trust over the course of the project.