Whole House “Spring” Cleaning

Need your whole house cleaned? We have a great crew ready to make that happen! Scheduling is easy and convenient and we give accurate estimates.

Forget about just spring cleaning! We clean summer, fall, winter, and spring.

We’ll come in at any time for a deep clean throughout the whole house. We call this a housewide cleaning!
If you are unsure of what you want to be cleaned, we typically go through the home with you and figure out exactly what services you would like to receive. For example, if you only need a mattress and the bathtub cleaned, we got you! If you need every room cleaned top to bottom and organizing things as we go along, yes, we do that too!

Turning Touses into Homes

We love a clean house, and we love cleaning homes. In fact, we have over 60 years of experience in home cleaning services for Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan. We know that homes are where you raise your kids, have cookouts with friends, and make memories with the in-laws over Thanksgiving dinner (you did invite them over right?).

We understand that you invest a lot into your home and want it to be a safe place to relax, raise kids, and entertain guests. Thus, it is our guarantee to you that your home will be cleaned to your satisfaction and that we will do it right or do it over.

List of Reasons you might want a Whole House Detailed Cleaning

  • Having a special event and need cleaning beforehand?
  • Moving in or moving out of a home or business?
  • Seasonal deep cleaning needed?
  • Been remodeling?
  • Have construction dust?

Other Home Cleaning Needs

We do it right or we do it over

We have a high standard at ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo. If you are not satisfied with our cleaning job we will do it again. We take pride in our work and want to do our part to make sure that your home is comfortable to live in.

We guarantee our work and when you partner with us you get these added benefits:

  • There are no hidden charges with ServiceMaster Clean ®
  • We will give you a free spot out bottle and you can stop in for free refills
  • All of our technicians are professionally trained
  • We are fully insured and licensed
  • We are locally owned and operated and have a 60 year tradition of excellent service
  • You can contact us for a free no obligation quote