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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Step 1: With the customer, we inspect the area to be serviced and then review total cost of the cleaning. There are no hidden charges.
  • Step 2: We pre-spray a detergent solution on the carpet and let that sit for about five minutes. During this five minutes, embedded dirt is brought up to the surface.carpet-cleaner-product-attracts-dirt
  • Step 3: Extract the detergent solution.
  • Step 4: Rinse with softened 200° water. This step is crucial. This assures we get the most detergent out of your carpet as possible. In general, the more detergent left in your carpet, the faster it will re-soil.
  • step 2 extracting soap and water
  • Step 5: Treat any spots that are still visible.
  • Step 6: Inspect the carpets with you to ensure your satisfaction.

Watch our carpet cleaning process in action

Sinking your toes into a carpet should be a pleasant experience

Walking barefoot on a crusty food filled carpet is no fun. Walking barefoot on a ServiceMaster cleaned carpet? Well that is an entirely different story. ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo takes great pride in cleaning and restoring your carpet so that you can take great joy in enjoying your carpet. Whether that is playing with the grandkids on the floor or going around the house barefoot.

When ServiceMaster cleans your carpet, we will do it right or we will do it over again. We will show up on time and prepared to get the job done.

home carpet cleaning pricing chart

before and after carpet cleaning

Need Emergency Carpet Cleaning?

Immediate Assistance

Call 269-344-3600

Our emergency response center will handle your call 24/7/365

Our Rate: $140 after hour fee + $95 per hour
We recommend waiting until business hours, but sometimes, it just can’t wait. We know emergencies come up.

Experience the ServiceMaster difference

Not all carpet cleaning companies and processes are created equal. We take great pride in our work. Try us out and see what the ServiceMaster experience is like. Here is a brief preview.

We respect you: A friendly and experienced cleaning technician will arrive on time and with the right tools to get the job done so that you can go about your day as planned.

We respect your property: We will wear shoe coverings so that we don’t track any dirt through your house. We will put corner guards on the walls and around furniture so that the hose will not damage or scuff up the corner or furniture.

We will use a better process: We will clean your carpet with a two-step cleaning process. While many of our competitors opt for a quick one step cleaning process, we will take the extra time to make sure that your carpet is cleaned right using a two-step process. Find out why a two-step carpet cleaning process is better.

We will do it thoroughly: Many companies will simply clean around furniture, we will ask if you would like us to move the furniture to make sure the whole carpet is cleaned.

We will advise on preventative treatments: ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo has optional extra services that can be added to ensure your carpet is protected from stains and spills.

We will leave you instructions once the job is done: Our friendly cleaning technician will leave you with some brief instructions once the job is finished to ensure the carpet dries thoroughly.

We will not surprise you with hidden costs: All of our pricing is upfront and will be quoted beforehand so that you are not surprised with “extra charges” when you get the bill.

Our commitment is YOUR satisfaction: We will do it right or we will do it again. We take great pride in our work and want you to be satisfied with a job well done.