The question isn’t “what can we clean?” The question is “what CAN’T we clean?”

The answer is “not much”. When it comes to your unique cleaning needs, ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo is in the business of providing a unique cleaning solution. We can work with you to create a cleaning package that matches your specialty cleaning needs.

Need help with that recently purchased or inherited house with signs of hoarding? Have a major cleanup on your hands that you need help with? Have a unique cleaning task you would like on a scheduled basis? We’ve done it all, we have even cleaned up burnt insulation in a yard.

From annual maintenance, to regular carpet cleanings, to one time major cleanups, to…
  • Carpet Care and Maintenance
  • Carpet Spot Removal
  • Hard Surface Floor Care
  • Upholstery Cleaning and Preservation
  • Window Cleaning
  • Cubicle Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleanup
  • Computer Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Burnt Insulation in a yard…seriously
  • –> Your Job Goes Here <--

Whatever you can dream up, we can probably help you clean it, at the very least you can give you a free quote.

Trained staff, excellent equipment, and creativity

To tackle some of the random jobs we have come across, you need highly trained staff, excellent cleaning products and techniques, and a little bit of creativity to figure out how to get the job done.

ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo has been partnering with local businesses and homeowners for over 50 years to meet their unique…and sometimes strange cleaning needs. So however odd you think it is, give us a call and we will see what we can do to help.

Bathroom Cleaning

before shot of a really dirty bathtub
after picture of sparkling clean bathtub

Dusting Commercial Areas

looking up at the air duct inside the tall business building
dusty tops of air ducts in big business

Photo by Erin: commercial technician