Washing Clothes with Natural Products


In recent years, there has been a large upsurge of natural detergents available on the market, so washing clothes with natural laundry products is now pretty easy.

Opt for Different

1. Detergent

2. Softener

3. Bleach

4. Stain Remover


1. Instead of Conventional Detergent

Consider using a soap-based cleaner instead of a detergent.


    • Avoid detergents with optical brighteners.

Why? (Optical brighteners intentionally leave a residue on the surface of your laundry. These brighteners stick to your clothing to reflect light and give the appearance of cleaner, brighter clothes. If you look at your detergent under a black light and it glows, it has optical brighteners. These chemical residues can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions.)

    • Avoid detergents with fabric softeners.

Why? 1. Detergents are made with petrochemical ingredients whereas soaps are made with natural oils and minerals. 2. These softeners also leave a water-repelling residue on your laundry. 3. Items such as towels or cloth diapers are less absorbent.

    • Avoid detergents with synthetic fragrances and chemicals to make your clothes smell better.

Why?  These residues are the byproducts of the numerous chemicals that these detergents contain and these chemical residues. They are not particularly healthy for you. Since wearing clothing is an every day, all day occurrence, your cumulative exposure to these chemicals is substantial.

  • Instead use a couple drops of lavender or tea tree essential oils to the wash directly.

2. Instead of Fabric Softener

Why? Many of the chemicals in dryer sheets designed to keep your clothes wrinkle and static free have been linked to cancer and asthma.

  • Instead, use a vinegar rinse while clothes are in the wash, or use a small sachet of dried lavender in the dryer. Or you can use a dryer ball or natural softener.

3. Instead of Bleach on Clothes

Why? For instance, bleach is toxic to you and the environment.

  • Instead, soak clothes that need brightening in a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide to 8 parts cold water and then wash.

4. Instead of Cloth Stain Remover

  • Instead of harsh chemical stain removers, try a ½ cup of lemon juice and 2 Tbls. (or more) of baking soda. And/or use a baking soda paste to scrub and pre-treat stains.



The supermarket aisles are filled with hundreds of products that claim they do the best job in helping you accomplish clean, fresh smelling clothes. These products are supposed to clean your clothes, not leave a chemical residue and cover odors with the smell of overwhelming spring flowers, fresh picked berries, or even a refreshing rain.

Get even crazier, and hang your clothes to dry.

Happy Laundering!
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