We’re Psychro!

In the old days, restoration companies would attempt to restore water damaged buildings by making educated guesses and develop plans of action based on experience.  Now, scientific data, specifically psychrometry, is the basis for our water restoration efforts.

What is Psychrometry?

The McGraw-Hill Technology dictionary defines psychrometry as “The science and techniques associated with measurements of the water vapor content of the air or other gases.”


How is Psychrometry useful?

Psychrometric charts provide the foundation for determining the type, size and quantity of drying equipment required to effectively dry the property.  These charts used in conjunction with sophisticated hygroscopic measurement tools (e.g. sensors, penetrating meters, non-penetrating meters, FLIR, etc.) provide the trained water restoration technician with the best available data to make drying decisions.

What does Psychrometry mean to you?

Psychrometry skillfully used by ServiceMaster Clean provides a multitude of benefits to you and your clients.  This includes increased customer satisfaction through reduced restoration times, higher salvage rates, and post-drying peace of mind.  Our insurance partners benefit from reduced loss costs and highly satisfied customers!

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