See The Newest Line of ServiceMaster Emergency Response Sportscars

Yes, you heard correctly.  ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo is committed to nothing but the fastest emergency response time.  Therefore, in order to better meet this need, we have determined that we can answer calls an average of 2.5 seconds faster by using million dollar sportscars instead of our vans.  See picture below to see the newest line of ServiceMaster vehicles.

yellow racecar

Ok, so we’re joking.  Technically, we couldn’t afford these vehicles, and technically, we wouldn’t want to break the law by barreling through stoplights and passing the speed limit, and technically, with a 24-7, 365 days a year response time… we don’t have to spend millions of dollars to improve what’s already pretty speedy!

We might not show up in a million dollar sports car, but the next time your basement floods, you have a house fire, or any other damage requiring a quick response time, we fly to your house (or business) in more appropriate vehicles, like vans!

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