5 Reasons the Pros Should Handle Your Water Damage

Groundwater flooding is not an unusual occurrence.

Unfortunately, most homeowners’ insurance policies outline exclusions for this issue. The risk of damage to a property due to flood damage is not to be taken lightly depending on the source, duration, and amount of water. Professionals are often needed in water damage situations.


5 Reasons the Pros Should Handle Your Flood Damage

1. Time

What often takes days for property owners to accomplish typically takes our trained crews a few hours. Water is not forgiving and will make you pay for any delays in mitigation. Irreversible damage can occur to carpets, carpet padding, sheetrock and other building materials if the damage is not contained quickly.


2. Water Pumping/Extraction

Depending on installed water removal assets (i.e. sump pumps), pumping may be a required first step to remove the water. This is the good instrument of water removal, expelling large quantities in short periods of time. Extraction is key, and a more detailed water removal effort aimed at salvaging materials. Without professional equipment and expertise, water extraction by the homeowner is rarely as effective as professional services.

Irreversible damage can occur to building materials if the damage is not contained quickly.

-ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo


3. Moisture Damage

Water damage is hardly limited to what the water actually touches. Elevated levels of water vapor can result in secondary damage to building materials if not addressed quickly.


4. Bacteria

According to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, groundwater ranks as the highest of 3 category levels of water contamination. This means that flood water is “grossly unsanitary” and is rife with bacteria and other unsafe ingredients. ServiceMaster uses strong sanitizing agents to greatly reduce the potentially negative health effects of this water.


5. Mold

Water damages often create excellent living conditions for mold. In fact, mold begins to grow 72 hrs, and sometimes within 24 hours after water damage. Skilled use of commercial drying equipment and advanced drying techniques can dramatically reduce the risk of mold growth. The investment is well worth it as mold remediation is significantly more expensive than water mitigation.

We have a team to finish the job in a few hours. Our equipment and products will extract water, dry structures, and sanitize your home efficiently.


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