Skip DYI Soot Cleaning

After a small fire or furnace puff-back, it’s not uncommon for a property owner to attempt a clean-up themselves. However, this can often create additional problems and add additional time and cost to the restoration process. Our advice: Skip DYI Soot Cleaning.

Soot is a particularly frustrating substance that does not respond well to typical cleaning methods. If you insist on trying to clean it up right away with “whatever cleaner” you have, the result will leave the soot deeper into the painted surface, creating additional damage.

As professionals, we use a “chem sponge.” Contrary to its name, chem sponges contain no chemicals, but they are outstanding at removing a large portion of the soot before the final cleaning.

The final cleaning can be completed using our proprietary cleaning solutions that prevent the soot from “setting” and have an added benefit of removing the unpleasant odor.


refrain from touching or attempting to clean the soot.


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