When the Smoke Clears – Cleaning Up Smoke Damage

Unfortunately, smoke residue is the curse that keeps on giving after a fire.

The longer smoke and/or soot sits on surfaces, the more damage will occur.

Quick removal of smoke acid residue can save all these materials – and lots of heartache. Don’t wait to get it looked at, jump on it!
– ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo


Reduce the costs of replacing all your things in your home after a home fire. If you call for fire restoration services, it greatly reduces your overall costs. There’s an easier way to get your property back to its pre-loss condition. ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo has professional fire restoration technicians available 24/7/365, anytime day or night responding to fire damage situations quickly!


Why does the fire restoration need to happen so fast?


1. The residue is acidic

Smoke residue is made up of nitrogen oxides mixed with carbon. Once moisture is introduced into the mix, the residue becomes acidic and thus, even more corrosive. Damage starts in a matter of minutes and continues until the residue is removed.

2. Permanent Stains

Within minutes of acid residue contact, plastics and fiberglass will turn yellow and that lovely (highly porous) marble countertop will discolor and stain permanently. In a few hours, the refrigerator and dishwasher finishes start to yellow, the grout in the bathroom is permanently stained and the dining room set finish will start to discolor. Oh, and metal surfaces will tarnish, so the stainless steel appliances aren’t safe either.

3. More Permanent Stains

Days into the process, paint yellows on the walls, upholstery and clothing stains permanently, furniture will need to be refinished and vinyl flooring discolors. If left for weeks, say goodbye to the wedding china and crystal because they are forever pitted and etched. Give the carpet the heave-ho because at this point, it’s stained beyond cleaning.



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