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We recently created this ServiceMaster video highlighting our owner, Tom Little, and our business offerings. Want to get to know us a little better? This is a great place to start!

Welcome to ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo


Don’t have time to watch the whole thing? No problem, catch the highlights in the transcript below.

Video Transcript


There are times every day when you have a chance to make someone else’s life better. I’ve heard it said, when it comes to dealing with companies, “Hope for the best, but expect the worst.” We challenge that idea. Providing cleaning and restoration services isn’t just a job for us, it’s our passion.

I’m Tom Little, owner of ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo. One of the things that makes any company great is the principles it’s founded on. I was attracted to the company in 1981 by the four corporate objectives. They’re to honor God in all we do, to help people develop, to pursue excellence, and to grow profitably. Marion Wade, the founder, was quoted of saying, “If you don’t live it, you don’t believe it.” We strive every day to follow that directive.

ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo is a locally-owned franchise of a national organization. With that comes advantages such as proprietary chemicals, processes, and equipment. No job is too large in that we can call on other ServiceMasters to assist us when needed. Being locally owned strengthens our commitment to our community and those we serve. Service is not only in our name, but it’s in our actions.

Some of the ways we help people are by providing cleaning and restoration services for both homes and businesses. We provide janitorial services, as well as emergency services such as fire and water damage cleanup. Residentially, we can provide carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile, and grout cleaning. Our staff has a can-do attitude and will tackle any project.

Ever since my wife and I purchased ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo back in 1981, we’ve run the company on the principle that we will clean and/or restore your home or business as if it were our own. Homes aren’t just buildings. They’re places where families live and memories are made. When disaster happens, such as a fire or a flood, we respond day or night, weekends or holidays, to restore peace of mind. When we clean a building such as a medical, manufacturing, education, or an office setting, we know that our services are setting the stage so that tomorrow can happen.

At ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo, you are the center and focus of who we are. When you have cleaning and restoration needs, you can trust us to listen, respond, and to meet your expectations; allowing you to get back to the important things in life.


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