Why A 2 Step Carpet Cleaning Will Change Your Carpet’s Life

Okay, so a carpet isn’t a living organism, but it does have a lifespan, even a quality of life one might say. How you treat your carpet and how you maintain your carpet will impact both the usable length of your carpets life and how nice it looks during its life. One of the most important things you can do to extend the life of your carpet is to have it professionally cleaned at least once a year.

When it comes to professional cleaning, not all cleaning services are created equal

Many cleaning companies will cut corners by using a one-step carpet cleaning system. In a one-step cleaning process the cleaning agent is mixed with water, sprayed on the carpet, and extracted all in one step.

This leaves much of the cleaning agent on the carpet and also does not allow for the cleaning agent to break down the dirt properly, thus leaving dirt and chemicals in your carpet fibers. These leftovers will cause carpets to age prematurely and soil quicker, reducing the lifespan of your carpet.

Here is why our system is better

ServiceMaster has chosen and developed a two-step cleaning method where the cleaning agent and water are mixed and sprayed down on your carpet. It is then allowed to sit for about ten minutes so that the soil and dirt can be broken down. We then come back and do a clean water extraction. It is this second step, using clean, softened, hot water, that allows for a cleaner carpet. Unlike a one-step extraction, where much of the detergent is left in your carpet, our two-step system leaves very little of the cleaning agent in the carpet fibers and extracts more of the dirt. This difference increases the effectiveness of your cleaning budget allowing you to put more money elsewhere.

Dieting without exercising

A one-step cleaning process is kind of like dieting without exercising. In order to get the best outcome, you need to do both. If you just do one or the other it may help but it won’t be nearly as effective as taking the extra time to do both. ServiceMaster’s two-step approach helps keep your carpet fit for life and looking its best.

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