Carpet Cleaning Different Fiber Lengths – Weekly Home Care Tips

Do you have a stain on your carpet or rug and want to know the best and safest way to get it out? Do you have to clean different lengths of fiber differently? And speaking of that stain, when can you clean it yourself and when should you call the professionals? This helpful video produced by Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and our own Senior Residential Technician, Mike Woody gives helpful answers to those questions and offers some basic carpet cleaning tips.

Video Transcript

Dan: Hey, this is Dan Moyle with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. You have your first home, now it’s time for maintenance and home care. Here’s your weekly home care tip brought to you by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo.

Okay in today’s homeowner tip brought to you by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo we’re talking helpful carpet cleaning tips. I’m joined by ServiceMaster senior residential technician, Mike Woody. Let’s take a look at this carpet behind us. Now Mike, this is a case of not all carpets are created equal. This I could maybe find in my kid’s room or somewhere really fun. If I get a stain on this I shouldn’t just attack it myself necessarily. Is that right?

Mike: Correct. Any kind of over the counter spotting agents that you use can alter the colors of the rug and you can actually pull the dyes out. They dyes are set by using an acid and most over the counter products are alkaline. It’s the opposite end of the pH and you’re going to wind up pulling some of the colors out.

You could use water to try to flush spots or stains, but by using the chemicals you’re going to wind up doing more damage than good. We have a stain here that somebody had spilled something on there. They blotted it up and got as much out as they can. If they would’ve used any of the chemicals on there they might have actually done more damage than good.

Dan: I also notice on this there’s different lengths of carpet. We’ve got some short stuff here, some nice long almost like ’70s style, really fun. That makes it, I would guess, not real easy too. If I spill something at home, again I can blot it, but I really should probably call a professional when it comes to this kind of a unique carpet.

Mike: Yes. By blotting it you’re going to be able to pull out what little bit you can. You don’t actually have what it needed to fully pull everything out. By having a professional technician come in I can use the proper techniques and use the proper chemicals depending on the fabric, such as this which is wool. By using the proper machines I can actually filtrate all of the spots or whatever is in there out.

Dan: Perfect, all right, cool. I do appreciate your time, Mike. Thank you ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo and thank you Mike for helping our homeowners learn something new today. Now if you’re ready for the professionals be sure to contact your local ServiceMaster and subscribe to the AmeriFirst channel here for more weekly tips and share these on Facebook and on Twitter too. Let’s help other homeowners together, shall we. Thanks for watching this installment of helpful home care tips with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage.

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