Does Scotchgard Protect Your Carpet? – Weekly Home Care Tips

You’ve heard of Scotchgard and it’s probably even been suggested to you for protecting your carpet. But how do you know if it actually works? This helpful video produced by Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and our own Senior Residential Technician, Mike Woody demonstrates an example of how Scotchgard repels liquids and helps protect your carpet longer.

Video Transcript

Dan: Hi, this is Dan Moyle with Amerifirst Home Mortgage. You have your first home. Now, it’s time for home maintenance. Here’s your weekly homecare tip brought to you be Servicemaster of Kalamazoo.

Today’s homeowners’ tip brought to you be Servicemaster of Kalamazoo … We’re talking helpful carpet tips. I’m joined by Servicemaster senior residential technician Mike Woody. Let’s take a look at Scotchgard. Mike, when someone asks you if Scotchgard is a good idea if it’s worth the cost what do you tell them?

Mike:First, I let them know that I use this product myself because of my daughters and my dog. It’s always better to have a little safety net.

Dan: When they want to see how it works, what happens if I don’t use it, what do you do?

Mike: Well, the product that we use is 3M. They issue out these cards. They are pretty much just treatment cards, so you can pretty much pour a liquid on there. Half of it is treated. Half of it is untreated. It pretty much just gives the homeowners an idea of what to expect out of the Scotchgard.

Dan: Let’s take a look at that. Show me how it works.

Mike: Sure. The first half here is treated. The second half is untreated. Pretty much what I need to do is I’ll pour a liquid over the whole thing. Then, on the treated side, the water will bead up on top, as the untreated side will soak right in which is pretty much the same thing as your carpet.

Dan: Yes, the dark is where it has come through and it’s soaking through, and that side just beads up like it’s plastic almost.

Mike: Yes. You can pretty much juggle the water beads around and it’s not going to soak in. You can take a towel, sit it right on top, and this half will be dry while this half here is clearly wet.

Dan: All right. That looks very good. Well, thank you Servicemaster of Kalamazoo, and thank you Mike for helping our customers learn something new today. Now, if you’re ready for the professionals, and you want some Scotchgard be sure to contact your local Servicemaster, just like Servicemaster of Kalamazoo.

Subscribe to the Amerifirst channel here for more weekly tips coming your way. Share them on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s help other homeowners together shall we? Thanks for watching this installment of Helpful Homecare Tips brought to you by Servicemaster of Kalamazoo and Amerifirst Home Mortgage.

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