Does Green Carpet Cleaning Work? – Weekly Home Care Tips

You’ve probably seen those fancy Pinterest tips for green cleaning carpets the easy way, but are they legitimate? Will they really clean your carpets? This helpful video produced by Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and our own Senior Residential Technician, Mike Woody looks at one of those home remedies (white vinegar) and also details the green cleaning that we offer for your carpets.

Video Transcript

Dan: Hi, I’m Dan Moyle with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. You have your first home, you’re all moved in. Now it’s time to think about home care and maintenance. We’re here today with your home care tip brought to you by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo.

In today’s homeowner tip brought to you by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo, we’re talking about helpful carpet tips and green cleaning and some home remedies too. I am joined by ServiceMaster’s senior residential technician, Mike Woody. Mike, if I’m a home owner and I want to do things myself and I want to go green so to speak. I want some home remedies I found on Pinterest or somewhere. Do those work? Some of them anyway, do you have any tips on those?

Mike: I’m not familiar with all of them so I can’t go to say that all of them work or don’t work. Most of the time if you do do anything try to find an inconspicuous spot to try it first to see because some of the things might cause second-hand damage such as fading, dye removal, shrinkage, anything like that.

Dan: What would be one that you say works pretty well on certain stains or spills?

Mike: One of the most popular spots or stains that I run into on a regular basis is urine or vomit from kids or adults or dogs or cats or anything. A white vinegar in water solution is probably the best thing that you can do. It’s very inexpensive, very eco friendly as well as it doesn’t cause second-hand damage. I generally tell people to mix it 2 parts warm water to 1 part white vinegar. You could put it into a spray bottle. You can lightly mist it on to a spot. Lightly blot it with a cotton towel.

Dan: … and that will work to clean up a lot of those kind of simple stains like you said, pet vomit, pet urine whatever that kind of stuff.

Mike: Yeah, it is good in between clean. Spotting agent. You can use that for almost anything but for deep down stains, it’s best to go with a professional technician.

Dan: When it does come to that point, and I just can’t get it up with that white vinegar and water, and I want to go with a professional but I’m a little concerned let’s say about my allergies or my kids’ health. I want to stay green. What do professionals have to offer when it comes to that kind of stuff?

Mike: We do have a line of green products made specifically for people who do have allergies, hypoallergenic pets that have the same issues. We have different products that still carry the value that we need for the cleaning but it is VOC free that way so it doesn’t carry the harmful fragrances which could cause people to have allergic reactions. They range from cleaners to spotting agents all the way up to just general green clean.

Dan: Either way whether I’m having a professional do it or I’m doing it myself, the key from what our conversations have been is that at the end of it, make sure that it gets sucked back up with warm water. Make sure that your carpet cleaner that you’re using by yourself or the professional is getting the agent back out. It’s really actually pretty safe anyway.

Mike: Yes. Yeah, that’s our model is to make sure everything is fully rinsed out, that we don’t leave any kind of residues behind. A residue will attract dust, dirt, dander a lot quicker and kind of almost defeat our own purpose. The green clean is rinsed out completely as well as all of our other agents that we use that way so there’s nothing harmful left behind.

Dan: Perfect. Thanks Mike. I appreciate it. Thank you ServiceMaster Kalamazoo for helping our home owners learn something new today. Now when you’re ready for those professionals, be sure to contact your local Service Master.

Subscribe to the AmeriFirst channel here for more weekly tips, share them on Facebook and Twitter, pin them on Pinterest. Let’s help all those home owners out there learn something new. Thanks for watching this installment of helpful home care tips brought to you by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo and AmeriFirst Home Mortgage.

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