How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets? – Weekly Home Care Tips

You know you should clean your carpets, but how often? This helpful video produced by Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and our own Senior Residential Technician, Mike Woody helps identify best practices for carpet cleaning frequency.

Video Transcript

Dan: This is Dan Moyle with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage, so you have your first home, now it’s time for maintenance. We are here with your weekly homecare tip brought to you by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo. In today’s home owner tip brought to you by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo, we’re talking helpful carpet cleaning tips.

I’m joined by ServiceMaster senior residential technician Mike Woody. Today, we’re taking look at how often to clean your carpets and why? Mike, how often should I have a professional come in and clean my carpets, I mean realistically I can vacuum them and they’re fine for the year, right?

Mike: If that’s your style, I usually recommend, if you have a lot of high-traffic or a large quantity of kids or pets, every six months to once a year just to try to get all the dirt and dander that’s generated over the time. Low mileage carpet or summer homes, maybe once a year, once every other year.

Dan: Now, if I have a home unit or I can rent one or borrow one from my uncle or somebody, can I just do my own steam cleaning and that’s good enough or maybe do that in between the professional cleanings, how do those factor into this?

Mike: I usually recommend, when people do have those home units, it’s a great in between cleaning or if you have a random spot, just do a spot clean is fine. To do your own home with those units, it is very time-consuming, a lot of chemicals that you’re using, there’s lot of risk factors to it. The machines, they do decent job but they’re not professional grade. They don’t get that deep down grit and grime, so I would say it’s a good in between cleaning. By using those, use exactly how it’s recommended and use a rinse afterwards that way so you’re not leaving any harmful chemicals behind.

Dan: They are okay to use, you just need to follow directions and use them for in between or whatever. Mike if I install new carpet, I don’t need to have it cleaned for years then right?

Mike: Well, every carpet comes with a warranty, so what you want to do is view your warranty, look it over very well and follow the guidelines exactly how they said. Some warranties will say 12 months, 18 months or every year that you need to have it done. Just follow the protocol, make sure you keep your warranty valid.

Dan: Those warranties are so important to save us money in the long run I think.

Mike: That is correct.

Dan: Perfect, all right, thank you ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo and thank you Mike for helping our home owners learn something new today. Now, when you’re ready for the professionals, make sure to contact your local ServiceMaster, like these guys here in Kalamazoo. Subscribe to the AmeriFirst channel here for more weekly tips and share these on Facebook, Twitter and pin them on Pinterest. Let’s help other homeowners learn something new together. Thanks for watching this installment of helpful homecare tips brought to you by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo and AmeriFirst Home Mortgage.

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