How To Prevent Your Outside Water Faucet from Freezing – Weekly Home Care Tips

This helpful video produced by Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and our own, Clayton Lyczynski, helps identify tips to prevent your outside water spigots from freezing during those frigid winter months.

Video Transcript

Dan: This is Dan Moyle with Amerifirst Home Mortgage. We are talking weekly home care tips brought to you by Service Master of Kalamazoo, sitting outside in the snow with Clayton Lyczynski with Service Master of Kalamazoo. It is so cold I am shivering.

We are outside today talking about the winter. In the winter obviously your pipes can freeze and burst and get water everywhere. You guys can restore from there but to avoid that, give me a tip that homeowners can do so that their pipes do not freeze.

Clayton: Well a couple of real quick easy tips especially outside. It is a good idea to make sure you take the hose and actually disconnect it from the house. What that does is it stops the water that might be left in the hose from backing up into the house, expanding and creating a burst pipe. While you are doing that it is also a good idea to maybe stop by your home store, pick up an insulation boot of some kind that goes right over the faucet. That again helps the cold stay out and keep the heat in.

Dan: So they make an insulation boot for the outside. So once that is insulated we are good to go then, right?

Clayton: No, not exactly. A lot of people think as long as I take care of the pipes outside I am good when in reality there is a lot of pipes on the inside that get overlooked. Typically like a crawl space or an unused basement. It is a good idea to make sure those get insulated as well because those do not keep the same heat as maybe the living space in the house.

Dan: So a couple of really inexpensive things, the insulation, unhooking the hose. It does not cost a lot of money to prevent the expansive difficult nightmare of a burst pipe?

Clayton: Absolutely.

Dan: Thanks Clayton, we appreciate your time today. Thanks for coming outside and playing in the snow with me. For more tips you can always subscribe to the You-Tube channel here with Amerifirst Home Mortgage and you can share on social media. We are on Facebook, Service Master Kalamazoo, always sharing great tips.

Thanks for watching. I am Dan Moyle with Amerifirst Home Mortgage here with Service Master of Kalamazoo. Thanks for watching.

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