Win a Lunch Date with Matt Paxton

Win a Lunch Date with TV Star Matt Paxton

–No Longer Available–

When: December 3rd, 2014 (afternoon, flexible)
Where: Restaurant yet to be decided. Meeting at ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo beforehand.
What’s covered? One lunch, a non-alcoholic beverage, and tip.
Do you or someone you know want to go out to lunch with a TV celebrity? Make sure to enter the contest.
Feeling shy? You only live once, and Matt Paxton is very knowledgeable and easy to talk with.

Who is Matt Paxton?

Matt Paxton is an extreme cleaning specialist and former TV personality, from the A&E hit series “Hoarders,” where he and other experts helped hoarders clean up their homes and gain control of their lives. Matt Paxton is now teamed up with ServiceMaster Restore continuing to create awareness about this disorder.

What’s Paxton Doing Exactly?

Matt Paxton is dedicating time teaching classes and training at ServiceMaster’s home office in Tennessee. Selected owners and employees from around the country are traveling to the Tennessee office where he is teaching the class: “Hoarding and Estate Cleanup”. They spend ten hours a day, for three days, working directly with Matt Paxton. His program is the first nationwide program designed solely to help hoarders.

Is ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo Going to be Trained?

Yes we are! We have five people traveling to Tennessee, November 18th – 20th, 2014, to participate in his classes and become hoarding estate cleanup specialists. We are very excited to soon be able to offer advanced hoarding clean up service here in Kalamazoo with greater knowledge than before. We will be trained by the best hoarder clean up specialist in the nation and have the confidence to help hoarders gain control of their lives and living space.

Do you Know a Hoarder?

An estimated 3 million Americans are hoarders (Matt Paxton believes it’s actually 10 million). Hoarders do not just have thousands of things because they’re lazy; they physically and mentally cannot throw things away. Helping hoarders gain control takes a knowledgeable foundation, which Paxton is providing to select ServiceMaster Restore franchises. Providing hoarders with a safe option to receive help is key, and we will be here to help you or your family get the help you need.

“We treat them as equals. We hang out with them, get to know them. So much of their world is filled with judgment and hate and misunderstanding. We don’t go in until they know that we understand them and that we’re not going to judge them. It’s so much about being patient.” -Paxton

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