Hoarding Updates in Kalamazoo

TV celebrity, Matt Paxton, captured the attention of Kalamazoo in December 2014 while talking with people about hoarding. During the interviews, seminars,
and his book signing at Barnes and Nobles, he was an inspiration to everyone. He came to teach and connect the people dealing with hoarding issues and the people trying to help them.

Our whole staff appreciated his time spent teaching us about estate clean ups. We didn’t learn how to clean a hoarder’s home (we know how to do that), but rather, we gained insight about hoarding as a mental disorder and now understand better ways to help.

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Matt Paxton was featured on front page of Kalamazoo Gazette and
featured on MLive.

Click here to see the full article on MLive.

Click here to see full article in Gazette.


Listen to his radio interview at WKZO:

Listen to his radio interview at WMUK:

Click here to listen to radio interview or read article.

Matt Paxton’s Quotes to Think About

“It’s about getting your life back.”

“Our goal is to keep stuff, not get rid of it. We’ll get rid of the stuff you don’t need, and it’s your choice of what you don’t need, but our goal is to compassionately sift through what you have and get rid of the stuff you don’t need, and make room for the great things you have.”

“I think we all have challenges with stuff. We’re in America. When we’re happy we buy things, and when we’re sad we buy things. America is built on stuff. That’s what our economy is, so let’s start with the basics. There’s nothing wrong with hoarding, some of us just have too much. Collecting is something you do with your family, and it’s fun. When the stuff takes over the space, and becomes more important then who you’re sharing your space with, is when it becomes hoarding.”

“Hoarding starts with a trigger. Something bad happened; somewhere in life, and you look for self worth in that stuff.”

“Anytime you have something taking over your life, whether it be drugs, alcohol, stuff, you have to ask for help. And that’s why I trained my guys at ServiceMaster. They have to learn how to communicate properly, how to identify, and how to help properly. Our cleaning is focused on compassion. It’s not about the stuff, it’s about the mental state that they’re at.”

“50 franchises trained, and we picked the right people.”

“Communication is the most important part. It’s not about stuff.”

*These quotes are referenced from interview held on WKZO.*

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