How to Avoid Water Damage After Winter

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Why your basement floods after winter and how you can avoid it.

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Video Transcript

Andy: The warmer temperatures are certainly melting the snow, but they also might bring a flood of problems to homeowners here in West Michigan.

Cheri: If you have a basement, now is the time to think about the possibility of flooding, as the snow starts to melt.

Clayton: A lot of us have that mountain of snow in our yard, and it has got to go somewhere.

Cheri: And likely into your basement, as temps warm up, as they did this week.

Clayton: That kind of water damage is very common. Unfortunately, most of the ground is still frozen but because your home is warmer, especially in the basements, it gives off some heat and thaws next to the home.

Cheri: Clayton is with ServiceMaster, a cleaning a restoration service in Kalamazoo. He says the time to start thinking about how to avoid a flooded basement happening in your home, is now.

Clayton: Today is the day. If you’re thinking, wow it’s getting nice, then guess what? It’s already to the point where you need to start taking action.

Cheri: One way to avoid having melting snow seep into your home, is to remove it from the side of your home.

Clayton: We recommend at least 4 to 6 feet or if there’s a drop off so at least you’re getting the melting snow to go away from the home rather than towards the home. That’s going to keep it away from the foundation and sealing in.

Cheri: He says it’s also a good idea to do a seasonal check of your pipes.

Clayton: A lot of times, this time of year, we get water damages because of broken pipes.

Cheri: Some advice about taking care of the problem on your own.

Clayton: If you’re in a situation where you’re in a situation where it’s kind of past the point of no return you need to get a professional in there so it is taken care of the right way.

Need professional help with water damage?

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