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Informing Our Community

Since February 2015, we’ve had 100’s of insurance agents, insurance adjusters, and the general community come to our newly offered “Extreme Cleanup: Handling a Hoarding Dilemma” CE class. Informing Kalamazoo and the surrounding areas about hoarding is essential. Many people have a hoarding issue and don’t know where to turn for help. We look forward to being the help they’re searching for.

Watch Below! Our CE (continued education) Hoarding Class Video

See what some of the class attendees say about the class.


Extreme Cleanup: Handling a Hoarding Dilemma

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Educating Ourselves and Others

Extreme cleaning specialist, Matt Paxton, from TV series, “Hoarders”, trained our team in November 2014. In December 2014, Matt Paxton visited Kalamazoo , and we had over 100 people from around the community come to hear Matt Paxton speak about hoarding. Hoarding is a new and exciting topic for most people, as it is a newly accepted and classified illness. Now is the time to understand how to help in a hoarding situation.

Video Transcript


Continued Education (CE) Classes “Hoarding”. Provided by ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo. We learned from hoarding expert Matt Paxton, extreme cleaning specialists from TV series, “Hoarders”. Picture of Matt Paxton with our specialists.


I’m actually been training with Matt Paxton and how to work with hoarders. One of the interesting things you’ll learn in the class is about the loved ones, and having to work with the hoarder themselves, and having to understand. Because frequently the loved ones don’t understand why the loved one is the way they are, they way they think, they way they hoard things. It’s important to be able to think and understand what triggered the hoarder to get in the problems they’re in, and to be able to help them understand and relate to their loved ones and to work with them.


Allison, from Hub International, you’re with us on one of our hoarding class days. Is there anything surprising or interesting you found out while attending the class:


I was surprised to find out how much the physiological aspect of hoarding affects the physical.


So it’s not just about dirty trash and mess, but there’s a trigger, there’s something there.


There’s way more involved into understanding the why.


Hoarding is a real issue, and I think that people are going to have to acknowledge what is going on. It’s going to be a big issue in claim situations. I think the class is going to inform agents and the agencies on the real situation as far as how we write homeowners insurance. And to try and help our clients be aware of what happens in a claim situation at that moment. I think this is going to be a great class for people to have and I think that’s why it filled up so quickly.


With the class today is there anything that stood out or surprised you about what you learned?


Yeah, that it’s pretty widespread, and it could be family members or neighbors, and that it is something that we need to have compassion for, and not think that they are just lazy and want to live this way because that’s what we perceive-that they’re lazy and just want to live that way.


There’s a common misconception about people that are hoarders, are doing it because they’re lazy, crazy, or don’t care about themselves. In reality, no one wants to live like that.


Right! That was shocking.

End Slides:

Help In Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan

Paxton has prepared our specialists, and we are ready to help. We are extremely qualified to help those in hoarding situations. If someone’s whole house is filled top to bottom, it’s probably not a complete loss. There’s still a chance to change, and we will help. No judgement.
Only compassion.
Our team is great. Remember, we don’t want to just throw away stuff. We want to help hoarders sort through their house, help them gain a better and healthier living environment, and so much more.

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