Fun Place to Work in Kalamazoo

Why are we a fun place to work in Kalamazoo?

  1. Friendly Coworkers

    Owner, Tom Little, focuses on developing his employees and serving his community. Tom’s attitude is emulated through our employees, and we get along and work well together. The positive work relationships we’ve built helps us stay happy while improving work performance.

  2. High Trust Environment

    We trust our employees to use their best judgment on every job. We have many off-site employees, so trust is vital. We also believe in correcting problems positively rather than criticizing.

  3. Keeping Employees Informed

    We strive to keep employees in the loop of what is happening within the company. We continuously try to cascade company information, so our employees know they are an important part of a larger group. Oh yeah, we love having employee appreciation parties Click here to find out about our parties.

  4. A Job to Fit your Personality

    Need something a bit different every day? Something challenging where you would need to use your best judgment and problem solving for each job? Our disaster restoration division might be the perfect fit; the job never gets dull. Or would you rather have a regular routine with clear requirements? Our janitorial division might be the best fit for you. We have office positions too, although currently are filled.

  5. Good Opportunity for Advancement

    We have four divisions within our company, and many different positions within those divisions, so there are many opportunities to be promoted.

Happy Co-workers

ping pong playing at servicemaster of kalamazoo employee party

Hiring with Core Values in Mind

PRIDE core values

servicemaster core objectives


care about people

…do the right thing

…value diversity

…value teamwork

do what we say

delight customers

…are a learning organization

committed to innovation

Honor God in all we do.

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