Two-Step Home Carpet Cleaning Process

We strive to inform, educate, and entertain our viewers. Watch this video and see why our two-step home carpet cleaning process is more effective than a one-step carpet cleaning. Our method and technicians provide the best carpet cleaning in the area.

Watch our carpet cleaning method.

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Video Transcript

“If you are like most consumers, price and value are the two leading factors in your decision when choosing a carpet cleaning company. We, at ServiceMaster, follow a thorough process to ensure we are giving you the best value for your time and money. Many companies use a one-step carpet cleaning method. This includes putting cleaning product into your carpet, while at the same time, trying to rinse and remove it.

ServiceMaster uses a thorough, two-step carpet cleaning method, which is more effective. This includes pre-spraying your carpet, allowing time for the cleaning product to work. Then, we rinse the carpet, removing the cleaning product with clear, softened, 200° degree water.

The one-step process is comparable to running your washing machine without a rinse cycle. By not separating the two processes, there is no time for the cleaning agent to work, and a substantial amount of product is left in your carpet.

Furthermore, carpet-cleaning products are designed to attract dirt. Not doing a separate rinse leaves too much product in your carpet. The more soap left behind, the faster it will attract dirt, which is the last thing you want happening to your freshly cleaned carpet.

At ServiceMaster, we allow time for the soap to work, and we give a thorough rinse, leaving behind very little residue. This allows for a greater period of time between cleanings-leaving your carpets looking cleaner, longer.”

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