3 Great Ways to Ruin the Holidays

1. Catch your Turkey Fryer on Fire

Deep frying a turkey can be a fun, at-home way of cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, but safety is the most important part. You could easily cause a fire when using a turkey fryer if you’re not familiar with how to use them.

Putting an almost-thawed turkey in the fryer will surely result in flames! Make sure the turkey/chicken/whatever meat you’re frying is thoroughly thawed. Only use time to cool down the oil. Never use ice to cool oil — again, it will go up in flames! Watch the video below to see why you should understand the how-to’s and the what not to-do’s before using your deep fryer.

2. Freeze & Burst your Water Pipes

As the temperature drops, it’s easy to forget how cold your water pipes get behind cupboard doors. After it hits 20° F or below, especially if your sink is against an exterior wall, make sure to follow two simple steps to keep your water pipes from freezing and bursting.

Step 1: Open the doors under the sink at night. Step 2: If it seems very cold and likely to freeze, keep water dripping from the faucet overnight. Watch our video below and hear it from the experts.

3. Start a Stove Fire

Starting a stove fire is easier than you may think. Especially during holidays when you’re in a hurry, cooking many things at once, and surrounded by many distractions.

Accidentally placing plastic utensils on a hot surface, setting food on top of a hot burner, and even power outages can cause stove fires. Watch our video below to help you remember how to avoid an electric stove top fire.

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