How to Identify 5 Common Types of Mold in Your Household


Recognizing Different Types of Unwelcomed Molds in Your Home

Let us help in the first step: recognizing the different types. But let’s pause for a moment. As a mold remediation company, we feel privileged to share this knowledge, but we want to be clear: visually identifying mold is not the best way to identify mold. Lab testing is the only way to 100% know what type of mold you’re dealing with. Even our experts are sometimes surprised by the results, and they’ve cleaned hundreds of mold situations.

ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo uses independent, third-party testing companies to collect samples and analyze spore identifications and levels of contamination. Pre and Post remediation test results help to determine the scope of work to be performed and the success of the project. Lab results usually take 2-3 days to process.

Let the team at ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo help you kick the mold out of your home. If you have identified any of these molds in your household and are concerned, visit our mold services page. On our page, fill out the form or call to receive a free consultation. Feel free to ask any questions you have about the mold in your home. We are always happy to help.

Beginning to Identify

Please note: We are located in Southwest Michigan. Household mold comes in different varieties depending on your geographic location.

5 common household mold infographic for blog

Mold is an unwanted fungus. Untreated mold is a common problem in the average household. Do you know what type of mold you’re looking at?

Why Bother with a Professional Remediation Company?

You may be able to clean up certain kinds of mold in small quantities, but most people are not equipped to perform a proper mold remediation no matter what the size. Simply wiping down the evidence is not good enough. Mold removal can involve setting up containment barriers, use of commercial size HEPA air filtration devices, wearing proper personal protective equipment, HEPA vacuums, and specialized cleaning agents.

If you Decide to DIY Anyway

  • Make sure to consult with a remediation company first and foremost. There is usually a company that will give a free consultation, and that would help you get a good grip on your situation. We always give free consultations.
  • Wear a N-95 mask respirator at all times when near the affected area.

For More Mold Information

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