Hardwood Floor Cleaning & Restoration


Why refinish your expensive hardwood floors if you can restore them for way cheaper?!

Have you ever wished for beautiful hardwood floors without having to do the work yourself? ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo can grant that wish! Our experts can have your hardwood floor looking amazing in way less time and for way less money than refinishing or replacing your flooring.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

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What is Hardwood Floor Restoration?

  1. Successfully eliminate dirt, grease, hair, dust, oil, and other contaminants that weaken hardwood floors.
  2. Extracting hidden dirt deep within the boards with our professional equipment and training.
  3. Applying a post-cleaning finish to ensure a uniform satin sheen.

Worried About Cost?

At ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo, we offer the best prices with the best cleaning experts in the Kalamazoo area! Our process of cleaning and restoring your hardwood floor can be a wonderful way to maintain your floors, avoid totally refinishing the floor, and keep a great shine year-round at an affordable price.

Is it Really Worth it?

While you can buy a hardwood floor cleaner at a store and do the job yourself, the results will never be the same. Our hardwood floor cleaning process will keep your floors looking beautiful and shining for months, unlike the store bought floor cleaner that just doesn’t compare to ServiceMaster’s cleaning. Kick back and relax while ServiceMaster does ALL of the cleanings for you at an affordable price.

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Let the team at ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo help you restore your beautiful hardwood floors. Replacing hardwood floor is expensive, but restoring hardwood floor is cost-effective. And on a side note, restoring your flooring is more eco-friendly anyway. Feel free to fill out our form with any questions you may have. We’re always happy to help.

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