Avoid a Winter Flooding in the Basement w/ a Simple Twist of the Wrist: Twisting your Garden Hose.

Check your outside garden hose spigots today to make sure you don’t have your garden hose still connected!

Go on. Head outside and go check. 


With the recent drop in temperatures here in Michigan, we all need to go outside and check our spigots–make sure the hose is not still connected! With below freezing temperatures, homeowners who do not disconnect their garden hoses from their homes risk broken pipes and flooded basements. 

Disconnecting your hose from the outside spigot is very easy and painless. Needing water damage restoration after flooding, however, not so easy and painless. So sure, detaching the hose from the house may not seem like a necessary thing to do, but please trust us. We’re water damage professionals, and we see this common mistake happen year after year. 

Even if a home has a frost-free hose bib, if a garden hose is left connected to the outside faucet there is nowhere for the water to drain.  The water then freezes causing a break in the plumbing. You will either experience a flooding inside the home now or in the spring when the water thaws. This type of flooding inside the home can be a significant problem.

Are you still reading? If so, stop reading and go out and check the outside spigot. If your hose is still connected, disconnected it. Don’t have a place to store the hose? Don’t worry because you could just toss it on the ground and that would be 100% better than leaving it attached to the spigot.


Click here to find out WHY leaving your hose connected will cause flooding and pipes breaking?


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  • An Kettelle

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  • Katie

    Hi An!

    The link you provided is broken, and I am not able to see what snow blower you are referring to.

    Thanks for being an avid reader, we appreciate you!

    ~Smkazoo team

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