When Should I Call A Mold Removal Specialist?

Housecleaning can be fun if you’re just dealing with dust and grime. With household cleaners, towels, a broom, a mop, and a vacuum cleaner, you might have a clean house by the end of the day and feel amazing.

Housecleaning with mold, however, is an entirely different story. No amount of mopping or vacuuming will help you get rid of mold.

If the mold growth covers an area of more than 10 square feet (the size of a bath towel), you should consider calling a mold specialist. Cleaning large areas of mold can be tricky. Mold spores are airborne and very hard to keep contained.

For cleaning small amounts (10 square feet or under), we recommend Tilex mold and mildew cleaning product.


But WHY Should I Call Mold Remediation Specialists

Mold removal professionals are trained and equipped to deal with all sorts and sizes of mold growth in the most systematic manner possible. Keeping mold spores contained is tricky for some homeowners. It can be done, but you must have a wide knowledge base of how to remove mold in your home and the right specialized equipment. Correct, clean equipment would be hard to obtain yourself. Aside from cleaning up the mold, mold removal specialists also track down where all the moisture is coming from and come up with a solution to stop excess moisture in the challenging areas. If the mold growth has damaged certain parts of your home, then you can expect the mold removal company to restore or remove those areas as well. When they’re done, your home will be mold-free!

Mold Inside your Home is a Major Nuisance

Does your home have damp areas? Do you have poor ventilation in areas? Keep these questions in mind because these places are where mold thrives. Examples of common mold-inviting areas include bathroom floors, walls, and shower curtains. If you have a basement with a water heater, it’s likely for the floors to be contaminated with mold. Also, plumbing leaks inside walls and upper floors cause mold formation.

Mold looks terrible, but it smells even worse. You may think certain parts of your home are infested with mold by just using your nose. More often than not, the smell is a musty one. If you can’t see mold, you might have unseen mold colonies thriving behind walls and ceilings. And mold inside walls feels like a mysterious mold problem vs. when mold is in plain sight. You can typically find a reputable mold remediation company that will schedule a free consultation appointment for you and they will be able to detect whether you have mold behind your walls.

Of all the problems that mold can cause, making you sick is without a doubt the worst outcome. When inhaled in very tiny amounts, mold spores don’t cause much harm. But when they enter your system in bigger quantities, and you happen to be sensitive to mold, those spores can make you sick. Sneezing, coughing, a runny nose, skin rash, and red eyes are some of the allergic reactions that mold spores can cause. Asthma attacks can also happen to people who have inhaled mold spores. Some even experience more severe allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing.

Now Are You Thinking About Calling A Mold Removal Company?

If you’re unsure about where and how much mold you have in your home, mold remediation specialists will be able to determine it for you. Look for restoration companies that will give a free analysis. Mold remediation is not known for being cheap, so you won’t want to pay hundreds for an inspection if you aren’t ready to pay for their mold removal services. Luckily, many reputable companies will come to your house for a free inspection. If you’re in Southwest Michigan, we recommend ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo. They provide free mold inspections and give free quotes too.

DIY Mold Removal?

Remember: Skip the DIY route if the mold infestation in your home is more than 10 square feet. When larger than 10 square feet, a professional solution is usually required. Because mold spores are microscopic and spread through the air, even if you visibly remove mold, small amounts spread and multiply during the cleaning process. Without specialized equipment, it’s near impossible to remove large amounts of mold. Let the mold removal specialists inspect your situation and help you figure out the next best steps for you and your home.


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