Customer Protection Protocol

Customer Protection Protocol During COVID-19 Outbreak

Pre Visit Protocol

We contact the customer in advance to identify whether anyone on site has been exposed to, is exhibiting symptoms, or has been diagnosed with COVID-19. We notify technicians, and then we utilize the following on-site protocols based on your response.


protocal a. On-site location reported NO indication of illness

  • Utilize proper hand hygiene and social distancing
  • Only accept required signatures and immediately disinfect afterward
  • Use recommended PPE based on the work and product utilized
  • We do NOT recommend using additional PPE at this time


protocal b. On-site location reported WITH confirmed illness

  • Utilize managerial discretion on whether to perform the work
  • It is recommended to close off the area and wait as long as practical to begin cleaning
  • Open doors and windows to increase airflow, and if possible, wait 24 hrs. before cleaning
  • Utilize proper hand hygiene and social distancing
  • Sanitize hands prior to donning PPE and again afterward
  • PPE should include gloves and respirator in addition to those based on the work and the product utilized
    (follow decontamination process below)
  • Only accept required signatures from individuals WITHOUT symptoms and immediately disinfect afterward


COVID-19 Decontamination of PPE Procedure

  • All equipment must be cleaned and decontaminated prior to leaving the site and prior to removal of PPE
  • All single-use PPE worn is to be disposed
  • If utilized, clean and decontaminate all reusable PPE per policy including respirator (full or half face), goggles, and gloves


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