Customer FAQ’s During COVID-19 Outbreak

Top Three Customer FAQ’s During COVID-19 Outbreak


  1. What are you doing to protect your employees from contracting COVID-19?

  2. We have adjusted our operations protocol including having office staff work from home, minimizing group meetings, and utilizing social distancing when our staff is working together to reduce risks.
    We always use the proper protective equipment to safely complete the work performed. In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, we are following CDC hand hygiene and social distancing recommendations; and we are utilizing additional protective equipment anytime we perform work for a customer that is exhibiting symptoms.


  3. Do you have any employees that have been diagnosed with COVID-19?

  4. No, we currently do not.


  5. Have you been inside any home or facility with a known COVID-19 case?

  6. Yes. Our employees are trained in the proper protocols and PPE to protect themselves while performing decontamination services and have been performing these services long before the current pandemic. To see a list of current protocols for employees disinfecting areas with confirmed cases, click here.


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  • Richard Kowalewski

    Is a wipedown required after spraying? If so, who does it?

    • Katie

      In most cases, a wipedown would not be required.

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