Jun 07 2017
soot stain removal testing to see what common methods work

Removing Candle Soot Stain Tests

We performed four different methods for cleaning candle soot off your wall. We wanted to see what DIY method worked best for us. The last step we took was using a 1:1 ratio of soap to water, and it ruined our progress. The stain looked worse than before the first step! After the experiment, we …[Read More]

Apr 28 2017

How to Identify 5 Common Types of Mold in Your Household

Mold is an unwanted fungus. Untreated mold is a common problem in the average household. Do you know what type of mold you’re looking at? Recognizing Different Types of Unwelcomed Molds in Your Home Let us help in the first step: recognizing the different types. But let’s pause for a moment. As a mold remediation …[Read More]

Mar 13 2017
candle on side with all hot wax spilled out on carpet

The Best Way to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

Should I Remove Candle Wax from Carpet with a Paper Bag or Cloth? It happens to most of us. You accidentally knock over the candle that has been lit for two hours, dumping hot wax all over your thick carpet! Now what? The two most popular methods to remove wax from your carpet when Google …[Read More]

Feb 13 2017
featured image for identifying and treating hoarding disorder blog

Identifying and Treating Hoarding Behavior

Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), Laura Lokers, is specially training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and has extensive experience in treating hoarding disorders. Part 1: Identifying and Defining Hoarding Part 2: Treating Hoarding Disorder Part 3: Challenges in Treating Hoarding Behavior Click to Watch Full Video Part 1: Identifying Hoarding Behavior There are three main characteristics …[Read More]

Dec 15 2016
a truck filled with bags of hats, mittens, and coat donations

Bundle Up Kalamazoo 2016 Donation Update

The Bundle Up Kalamazoo Drive was a Success Being one of drop-off locations for this Bundle Up Kalamazoo Drive, we were so excited to see all the donations. Kalamazoo Rotaract collected around two thousand hats, mittens, and coats during the month of November at various drop-off locations around Kalamazoo. Where are the Donations Going? All …[Read More]

Nov 14 2016
one story house covered in snow

How to Properly Winterize your House Inside and Out

The cold weather is upon us. Unpack all your knitted sweaters and dig in the couches for spare change to buy some extra pumpkin spice lattes, because it is getting cold. Preparing your home for the winter months may seem like a burdensome task, but there are several quick and easy ways to winterize your …[Read More]

Oct 31 2016
turkey fryer caught on fire

3 Great Ways to Ruin the Holidays

1. Catch your Turkey Fryer on Fire Deep frying a turkey can be a fun, at-home way of cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, but safety is the most important part. You could easily cause a fire when using a turkey fryer if you’re not familiar with how to use them. Putting an almost-thawed turkey in the …[Read More]

Sep 26 2016

Identifying and Treating Hoarding Behaviors

About the Speaker, Laura Lokers Laura Lokers is a founding member of the Washtenaw County Task Force. She is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) and worked in the University of Michigan’s Department of Psychiatry – Anxiety Disorders Program for 10 years before co-founding the Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center of Ann Arbor. Laura Lokers …[Read More]

Sep 13 2016

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Isn’t it amazing that these images have not been color edited? The colors appear to change because colors compliment each other differently, depending on the light, and dirty tile can drastically change the look of the original tile. Weird, huh? Watch our Tile and Grout Process Cleaning Tile and Grout Professionally Cleaning tile and grout …[Read More]

Aug 12 2016

Prevent Mold from Growing in 3 Common Household Places

Mold grows very easily in the kitchen, bathroom, and outside the home. Follow a few simple steps to make sure you’re doing your best at keeping the mold out of these susceptible places. The perfect place for mold to grow is in high humidity and high moisture areas, so these rooms typically make a great …[Read More]