How to Pay for Emergency Home Repairs If You Have No Savings Fund

Are you wondering how you’re going to pay for the emergency home repairs you need like water damage repair, fire damage repair, or mold remediation services? There’s an initial need to [...]


3 Great Ways to Ruin the Holidays

1. Catch your Turkey Fryer on Fire Deep frying a turkey can be a fun, at-home way of cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, but safety is the most important part. You could easily cause a fire when [...]


3 Costly Misconceptions About Smoke Damage

While no one will argue with the dangers of fire or water damage, one might be inclined to simply shrug her shoulders at the idea of smoke damage. “Just deodorize everything,” may be [...]


When the Smoke Clears – Cleaning Up Smoke Damage

Unfortunately, smoke residue is the curse that keeps on giving after a fire. The longer smoke and/or soot sits on surfaces, the more damage will occur. Quick removal of smoke acid residue can [...]


10 Awesome Ways to Burn Down Your House

House fires are very dangerous. But, unlike tsunamis and earthquakes, they are often preventable. Most of us have heard fire prevention rules since we were in second grade, but have buried some [...]


Skip DYI Soot Cleaning

After a small fire or furnace puff-back, it’s not uncommon for a property owner to attempt a clean-up themselves. However, this can often create additional problems and add additional time [...]


3 Tips to Avoiding a Home Fire

3 Tips to Avoiding a Home Fire You don’t know when fire damage is going to affect your home or workplace, but you can do your best to prevent it.  The best way to battle smoke or fire [...]