5 Ways to Organize Common Household Wires & Cords

The rise of technology has improved our lives in countless ways. It has given us the ability to access tons of information within a matter of seconds, stay in touch with friends and loved ones [...]


Household Chemical Storage Guide

Household Chemical Storage Guide When it comes to household chemicals, how we store them can be just as important as how we use them. That’s because cleansers, deodorants, toiletries and other [...]


Natural Bathroom Cleaners that are Safe for the Environment

Most Store-Bought Cleaners are Filled with Toxic Chemicals One common thought is that store-bought cleaners are the only way to fight away grime in the bathroom. Yet although the commercials show [...]


Avoid a Winter Flooding in the Basement w/ a Simple Twist of the Wrist: Twisting your Garden Hose.

Check your outside garden hose spigots today to make sure you don’t have your garden hose still connected! Go on. Head outside and go check.    With the recent drop in temperatures [...]


Removing Candle Soot Stain Tests

We performed four different methods for cleaning candle soot off your wall. We wanted to see what DIY method worked best for us. The last step we took was using a 1:1 ratio of soap to water, and [...]


The Best Way to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet

Should I Remove Candle Wax from Carpet with a Paper Bag or Cloth? It’s happened to most of us. You accidentally knock over the candle that has been lit for two hours, dumping hot wax all over [...]


How to Properly Winterize your House Inside and Out

The cold weather is upon us. Unpack all your knitted sweaters and dig in the couches for spare change to buy some extra pumpkin spice lattes, because it is getting cold. Preparing your home for [...]


Prevent Mold from Growing in 3 Common Household Places

Mold grows very easily in the kitchen, bathroom, and outside the home. Follow a few simple steps to make sure you’re doing your best at keeping the mold out of these susceptible places. The [...]


8 Tips For Home Winterization

How to Prepare the House for Winterization The weather outside is getting frightful, and now is the time to prepare your home for the long winter ahead. Winterizing your house now will protect it [...]


Tips for Cleaning Up Halloween Mischief

Halloween often provides a perfect opportunity for youngsters endowed with an over-abundance of energy and an under-abundance of wisdom to make a royal mess of things.  Since it’s a safe [...]

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