7 Steps You Must Take After a Flood

Natural disasters can happen anywhere, at any time. It is always important to know about what steps to take before, during and after a natural disaster in order to ensure the safety of your [...]


Carpet Drying: Step by Step Guide and Tools You Need

Carpets are important additions to any home. They not only add value and beauty to your property, they also provide warmth and comfort. And if you want your carpet to last for many, many years, [...]


How to Pay for Emergency Home Repairs If You Have No Savings Fund

Are you wondering how you’re going to pay for the emergency home repairs you need like water damage repair, fire damage repair, or mold remediation services? There’s an initial need to [...]


Will Mold be an Issue in Your Home After the Flood Cleanup?

For most of the world, the February floodings in Southwest Michigan are a distant memory, but if you were one of the homeowners affected by the severe flooding, you may be struggling to repair [...]


Need Financial Assistance for Flood Recovery in Kalamazoo?

Financial Assistance for Flood Recovery Do you need flood cleanup services but don’t have the money to pay for it? Your best bet is to call 2-1-1. The Gryphon Place 211 line is still the [...]


Avoid a Winter Flooding in the Basement w/ a Simple Twist of the Wrist: Twisting your Garden Hose.

Check your outside garden hose spigots today to make sure you don’t have your garden hose still connected! Go on. Head outside and go check.    With the recent drop in temperatures [...]


What Does Water Damage Restoration Mean?

Water damage restoration is a professional term used to describe the process of water damage cleaning from the first steps to the last. Water damage restoration can also be known as (1) water [...]


How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

“…If you’re one of the unlucky ones caught in the middle of a freak storm, you’ll probably need water damage restoration. A good company will give you an estimate when it happens so [...]


Water Flooding in Basement – What are my First Steps?

The big question: “Does Insurance Cover Water Damage in my Home?” In Michigan, typically, insurance does not cover outside groundwater that comes indoors. (*some policies excluded) [...]


How to Avoid Water Damage After Winter

Watch our own, Clayton Lyczynski, on News Channel 3 Why your basement floods after winter and how you can avoid it. Click image below to view video clip. Video Transcript Andy: The warmer [...]

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