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For some businesses, this is a good time of year for cleaning projects.
Did you know that the cleanliness of your facility is a big factor in customer and employee retention?

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If you’re considering a deep cleaning, consider adding-on services and save up to 30% or more in costs.


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Commercial Deep Cleaning & Disinfection

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Commercial Deep Cleaning

A deep clean of your business helps assist your facility stay on track with the cleanliness, disinfection, and safety of your facility. We provide routine disinfection services, and we’ve noticed many businesses with new cleaning and disinfection processes in place, which is great to see. But please know, that before any disinfection can occur, surfaces must first be clean (visibly free of dirt and debris). Dirty surfaces cannot be properly disinfected. 

Need your ceilings cleaned? This can often be an overlooked area and can also be an exhausting job, but not for our crews! We have the people, tools, and systems in place to clean your facility’s ceiling effectively and efficiently.

We bring over 70 years of experience and dedication to commercial cleaning and disinfection. Throughout the years, we’ve learned the best cleaning processes and techniques for all types of jobs. Our customers repeatedly tell us, “We appreciate your attention to detail.” Or, “We love how you make it a good experience.” At our core, our company equally cares about the job and cares about the people we’re working with. This sets us apart from other commercial cleaning companies.

Before and After Pictures

high dusting and cleaning service - commercial cleaning - southwest michigan
before and after vent dusting and cleaning
vent cover cleaning before and after
graffiti cleaning on brick wall before and after
graffiti cleaning before and after professional cleaning

You can rest assured your business will be safe, clean, and cared for in our hands

Our Experience

commercial cleaning services

We have been partnering with local businesses for 70 years. Let us dazzle you with our extraordinary commercial cleaning services. If you like our services, sign up for our program work option. With this option, your business can save money while experiencing a cleaner and healthier environment.

Common Deep Cleaning Services

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