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How often do I need to get my carpets professionally cleaned?

We recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-12 months–depending on traffic. This will keep them looking their best and minimizes the amount of allergen and debris build up in your carpet. The more debris buildup in your carpet means a shorter the lifespan of your carpet. Many carpet manufacturers require professional cleaning to maintain your warranty, so save your cleaning receipts.

Do I have to move furniture?

If you want the carpet underneath heavy furniture cleaned, we do recommend moving it from the rooms we will be cleaning. We place blocks under lighter items such as coffee tables, end tables, loveseats, chairs (dining room), and small sofas. The furniture we typically clean around include: beds, armoires, large pieces containing china and electronics, exercise equipment, and large or heavy sofas.

How long will it take to have my carpets cleaned at my home?

The amount of time depends on the size of the area cleaned as well as the processes used. Low moisture, portable extraction, and truck-mount extraction are all examples of varying processes that could be used.  Our expert technicians can help you pick a process that best meets your needs and schedule.

Do I need to move out of my property during the fire restoration process?

This is ultimately your decision. Some things you may want to consider are safety concerns, odors, electricity, noise from equipment, etc. Consider the following if you’re vacating your premises for any length of time: (1) forward your mail to your temporary residence (2) stop newspaper and other deliveries (3) notify utility company, cable company, etc., of temporary suspension of service.

How long will the fire restoration process take?

Consult with us and a restoration technician will be able to fill you in on estimated dates and phases of your restoration process. Because there are many variables and many services involved in fire and smoke restoration, it is difficult to predict how long the complete restoration process will take.

Do my belongings need to be moved away from premises during the fire restoration process?

It depends on the source and extent of the fire. It might be best to remove all belongings to secure facility for cleaning, storage and to make room for restoration or construction. ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo will work with you and your insurance claims representative to manage this process.

What does a hoarding clean up cost?

Every job is unique and pricing will vary in many situations. We provide free estimates and will work with you to find the needed solution. Prices may vary due to: size of home, type of items kept, amount of time, and hazards found in home.

What should I do if my family member needs help with a hoarding situation?

Ultimately, the person hoarding needs to decide if they’re ready to be helped or not. Having compassion and giving positive support is critical. Saying things like, “It’s really dirty in here; time to clean it up,” is not being a positive support. A different thing to say might be, “There are people in Kalamazoo that help, and I would be happy to set you up to talk with someone if you ever want.” Leave it at that. Try to use your best judgment, be patient, and have a nonjudgmental attitude when you decide to bring the situation into a conversation. This process takes time and we all need to be understanding.

How long will it take my property to dry during the water restoration process?

On average, 3-5 days, depending on your conditions. Drying time is determined by a combination of factors: (1)location, (2)duration, (3)source of water, (4)types of building materials, (5)weather conditions, and (6)how quickly emergency services begin. We monitor consistently during the drying process and we know when drying is complete. Sometimes, your carpet will feel dry to touch, but the padding and subflooring might be wet underneath.

Do I need to move out of my property during the water restoration process?

If you file an insurance claim, you may receive guidance from your insurance representative. However, this is a decision you must reach on your own. Several things to consider: (1) Safety is most important. Our equipment is as childproof as possible, but we require your supervision to make sure they don’t play with it. Air movers and dehumidifiers will create noise and make your property drafty for a few days. It is important that the equipment remains on, so if noise is disruptive to you, you might want to find a different place to stay.

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