Fire Damage Restoration Services

Restoring fire, smoke, and soot damaged structures and contents

In your time of loss, we help restore your peace of mind.

The first step is asking for help

Immediate Board-up, Smoke Damage Cleanup , and Water Mitigation Services

Emergency Fire Damage Assistance

Available 24/7/365 when it matters most

Rapid response time

Work directly with all insurance companies

Free, one night stay at a local hotel

Free fire damage assessment and quote

Compassionate, reputable, licensed, & insured

Fire Restoration Process


  1. Request for emergency service
  2. Free fire damage analysis and quote
  3. Immediate board-up or roof-tarping service (if necessary)
  4. Water removal (if fire extinguished with water)
  5. Smoke and soot removal & cleaning
  6. Content inventory, storage, recovery, & specialty cleaning
  7. Odor neutralization and deodorization

The best time to start the fire recovery process is within the first 24 to 48 hours of the fire damage. This time frame is known as the “golden hours” of recovery, and we will be able to recover as much of the property as possible. This is because the acidity levels of soot and smoke residues cause quick deterioration and corrosion of the structure and affected contents. Smoke and soot are very tricky substances to clean, and improper cleaning could lead to permanent damage.

Initial Damage & Cleaning

fire damage to electrical box
house fire with soot everywhere
kitchen fire
fire restoration board up service
before and after picture of smoke damage
fire soot carpet cleaning before and after
fire soot cleaning before and after
fire soot cleaning before and after bathroom sink
fire soot cleaning before and after metal shelves
fire soot before and after cleaning
wood table before and after soot cleaning
fire cleaning dresser before and after

You can rest assured your home or business will be safe, clean, and cared for in our hands.

Our Experience

fire restoration specialist

Please know: Damages to structure and possessions are still occurring even after the fire is out. Water needs to be removed immediately to prevent mold, mildew, and rotting. Acidic soot needs to be removed to prevent corrosion. Removing dirty water and cleaning soot is not a do-it-yourself project. For help with fire, smoke, or soot damage, please reach out to professionals.

We bring over 65 years of experience and dedication to cleaning after a fire. Whether a big or small fire, we work with the home or business owner and the insurance company to provide fire restoration services. Full sevice includes board up, smoke & soot cleaning, contents inventory and cleaning, contents storage, insurance carrier agreements, smoke odor removal, & specialty cleaning. However, we can easily customize services based on your needs and budget.

Our experience has taught us that being available 24/7 is crucial when providing home restoration emergency services. Our process ensures a project manager will be on site within 60 minutes of your call no matter what time of day. And if you’re displaced from your home because of the severity of the fire, we know you need to a place to stay, so we provide one free night at a local hotel.

We have years of experience in walking families, individuals, and businesses through a fire and smoke damage disaster. There’s an emotional toll on the person involved in the fire, and we make the initial recovery process go as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to restore the fire damage as quickly as possible; we want you to begin moving beyond this trying experience.

The process of recovering from fire or smoke damage is overwhelming. We know you need help in this tough time. Our crews understand what you’re going through and will approach your situation with compassion while maintaining the tasks at hand. We recommend receiving free assessments from a few different companies, so you can decide which company you feel most comfortable with. 





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