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odor removal services

Odor Removal

The odor removal experts at ServiceMaster Restore are equipped to fully assess and safely eliminate odors and strong smells caused by:
1. Fire / smoke / cigarettes   2. Mildew (moisture/mold )   3. Pets   4. Biological sources

disinfect your school quickly and efficiently

Disinfection Services

The Clorox® Total 360® System disinfects areas in need of superior disinfection. Combats cold, flu, norovirus, and other pathogens easily & quickly! Kills 99.9% of pathogens in the air and every surface quickly by using advanced electrostatic disinfection technology. This time efficient system saves up to to 65% in costs associated with disinfection services.

Estate Cleanout

At first, a cleanout may seem feasible to clean it yourself or with family members. But the process can become overwhelming quickly. Hiring us could be considered the less stressful way to handle an estate cleanout. Consider the next step, and request a free consultation. Our technicians are kind and compassionate and work with you to customize plans based on needs and budget.

hoarding cleanup situation

Hoading Cleaning

Requesting free and confidential help is easy. Our technicians are kind and compassionate. In addition, we have been trained by the best: Matt Paxton. We work with you to customize a plan based on your wants, needs, and budget. On one hand, we could perform a “safety cleaning” or partial cleanout, or on the other hand, we can perform a full cleanout with additional resources.

healthcare janitorial cleaning technician

Healthcare Cleaning

Any healthcare cleaning facility needs to scream cleanliness, whether you’re a hospital or a dental office. Our staff is trained and certified to clean surgical rooms, patient rooms, and many other healthcare related places that can be filled with pathogens. Our aim is to maximize reimbursement dollars for the healthcare facility.

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