Residential Carpet Cleaning Pricing

Carpet, Upholstery, & Tile Cleaning

A Unique Approach to Carpet Cleaning

“Create Your Own”

We have a $300 minimum charge.

Play with our cost calculator below, and see if our services fit your needs. 

Wondering why we have a $300 minimum charge for all carpet cleaning?

We are a high-end restoration company, and our carpet cleaning services reflect this. We don’t just run in and out of your house and clean your carpets as fast as we can. Instead, we take our time, survey your fabrics, stains, and traffic areas. Then we select the exact cleaning products and processes that best suit the conditions.
In order to provide this high-end service, we calculate our pricing a bit differently than other companies. You will find our rates to be very competitive, if not cheaper than most. But in order to cover our costs, we have to eliminate small jobs.

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