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Hot water extraction is the best method to remove dirt, grease, and grime effectively

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Residential Carpet Cleaning Service


  • Standard carpet cleaning
  • Pet carpet cleaning treatment
  • Excessive dirt & grime carpet cleaning
  • Non-allergenic carpet cleaning
  • Deodorization (after-cleaning option)
  • Scotchgard (after-cleaning option)


We utilize our unique five-step carpet cleaning process: (1) pre-spray with carpet cleaning product (2) locate all spotting and stains (3) treat the spot/stains with the correct cleaning agent (4) use truck-mount system to perform a hot water extraction (5) provide a thorough rinse at zero cost to you.

Before & After

before and after apartment dirty carpet cleaning
asphalt on carpet before and after carpet cleaning
before and after carpet cleaning hot water extraction method
before and after carpet cleaning servicemaster of kalamazoo
before and after servicemaster of kalamazoo carpet cleaning
carpet restoration cleaning before and after
before and after professional carpet cleaning in kalamazoo michigan
carpet cleaning beige carpet before and after kalamazoo mi
before and after white carpet stair cleaning
coffee stain before and after professional cleaning michigan
DIY carpet cleaning stain gone wrong and called in the professionals

You can rest assured your home will be safe, clean, and cared for in our hands

Our Experience

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Please know: Many times, “steam cleaning” is the popular term used, but we feel a more accurate description is “hot water extraction”.  This is because, technically, steam is not the component used to clean your carpets. Both of these methods use hot water and high pressure systems which lead to visibly seeing steam. But the steam isn’t doing the cleaning.

We bring over 65 years of experience and dedication to carpet cleaning. With us, you receive a deep clean, fast-drying carpet, and a healthy home. Our proprietary cleaning products, advanced equipment, truck-mount systems, and excellent cleaning technicians leave you satisfied every time. One thing we like to say is, “We will do the job right, or we will do it over again.” You can count on us to show up on time and be prepared for everything.

Unfortunately, we find soapy residue left in carpets all the time during our carpet cleanings. And it’s not a good find. Did you know that leftover soapy residue in your carpet attracts dirt VERY quickly? This is because soap attracts dirt. The solution? To make sure your cleaner is performing a seperate rinse. ServiceMaster guarantees a high-quality carpet cleaning every time.

Our carpet cleaning service is competitively priced. We allocate profits to equipment, training, and employees, so you won’t see many discount marketing campaigns from us. Instead, we rely on our website, word of mouth, and customer reviews for our marketing efforts. So what does that mean for you? It means, unfortunately, you won’t find too many coupons from us, but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting a great deal. Believe us, our regular pricing is an amazing deal. Plus, you get free bottles of carpet spot cleaner in between your carpet cleanings.

Furthermore, we provide upholstery cleaning, pillow cleaning, mattress cleaning, and deep cleaning services. We even have a disinfection service that will remove 99.9% of household germs including bacteria like E. coli, norovirus, and the flu. We’re more than just carpet cleaners. We’re your local cleaning and restoration experts. 





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