CPR Video – 60 second easy tutorial | ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo

Watch our tutorial video and learn the 9 basic steps to perform CPR. “Stayin’ Alive” Believe it or not, the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees is the [...]


How to Avoid Water Damage After Winter

Watch our own, Clayton Lyczynski, on News Channel 3 Why your basement floods after winter and how you can avoid it. Click image below to view video clip. Video Transcript Andy: The warmer [...]


How To Clean Salt Residue from your Floors

How to Clean Salt Residue off Floors Cleaning the salt residue left behind from the winter months may be a large job, and you may not have the time, but ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo is here to [...]


How Often Should You Clean Your Carpets? – Weekly Home Care Tips

You know you should clean your carpets, but how often? This helpful video produced by Dan Moyle of AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and our own Senior Residential Technician, Mike Woody helps identify [...]


8 Tips For Home Winterization

How to Prepare the House for Winterization The weather outside is getting frightful, and now is the time to prepare your home for the long winter ahead. Winterizing your house now will protect it [...]


10 Awesome Ways to Burn Down Your House

House fires are very dangerous. But, unlike tsunamis and earthquakes, they are often preventable. Most of us have heard fire prevention rules since we were in second grade, but have buried some [...]


Tips for Cleaning Up Halloween Mischief

Halloween often provides a perfect opportunity for youngsters endowed with an over-abundance of energy and an under-abundance of wisdom to make a royal mess of things.  Since it’s a safe [...]


Does Your House Stink? 3 Tips for Eliminating Odors Naturally.

Here is how to get rid of the musty smell in your house naturally without resorting to chemical air fresheners. Make use of what you have on hand in the kitchen, such as fruits and white vinegar. [...]


Bathroom Green Cleaning – Grimy to Shiny

How To Green Clean your Bathroom Has your bathtub lost its shine?  Do you have a hard time seeing your reflection through the toothpaste splatters in the mirror?  It’s time to clean your bathroom [...]


3 Easy Tips for Permanent Soot Marks

A Bit of Sarcasism Nothing quite impresses friends and family like amazing soot marks.  After a furnace puffback or small fire, it’s easy to set the soot into your paint and household items [...]

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